Industrial Cogeneration India : A Quarterly Newsletter
Sponsorship, Advertisement & Subscription Opportunities
 Sponsorship Opportunities:
For two years   Rs 1,50,000
Rs 1,20,000
The above includes options of including full- or half-page (in 4- or 2-color) advertisements, announcements, articles, a few complimentary copies, etc. for 8 issues.
For one year   Rs 80,000
Rs 60,000
The above includes options of including advertisements (full-page/half-page in 2-color) in 4 issues, and a few complimentary copies.
 Advertisement Opportunities
For two years   Rs 120,000 / USD 3,000
      (full-page inside back page in 4- color)
For one year    Rs 50,000 / USD 1,250
      (full-page inside pages in 2-color)
Rs 40,000 / USD 1,000
      (half-page inside pages in 2-color)
For advertisements for one issue, please contact us directly.
 Subscription Opportunities
Subscription period
(one copy each of every issue)
Three Years
(12 Issue)
Two Years
(8 Issue)
One Year
(4 Issue)
Subscription for Only Hard Copy Rs. 2,000/- Rs. 1,500/- Rs. 1,000/-
Subscription for Only Soft Copy Rs. 2,300/- Rs. 1,800/- Rs. 1,200/-
Subscription : Both  Hard & Soft Copy Rs. 2,500/- Rs.2,000/- Rs. 1,500/-

For Sponsorship and Subscription
Contact :

Anita Khuller, Associate Consultant, New Delhi
Cogeneration Association of India
Cell : +91 9811743217
Email :
Anita Khatal, Chief Co-ordinator
Cogeneration Association of India
C/o MSFCSF Ltd, 1st floor, Sakhar
Sankul, Shivajinagar, Pune - 411 005
Tel: 020 - 25511404 / 446 
Telefax: 020 - 25511467

Based on the response & feedback received on the OTPs, now, Cogen India plans to organize need based  training programs in specific skill areas essential for sugar factory / cogen power plant operators & management / engineering staff.
  SIX days Training Program for Commissioned / Under implementation Cogen Power Plant
  FOUR Days Training Program for Sugar Production & Processing Division

Proceeding Document Available 
  March 2014