Boiler Chain Combustion Plant
Escalating cost of power, unreliable quality; growing demand resulting in continued shortages, dependency on Central and State grids and frequently changing policies!!!
These are the grim realities of the current power scenario in India. This makes it difficult, for the industry & commercial establishments to become globally cost competitive.
One of the fastest developing countries in the world today, with economy in transition, India consumes 12.18 quadrillion Btu (Quads) of power, with over 8 to 10% growth per annum. It is of utmost importance for business and industry, to have adequate, economical, reliable power supply of high quality.
COGENERATION of electricity and thermal energy, wherever feasible, is an effective solution to the problem.
Cogeneration, also known as combined heat and power or CHP, is simultaneous production of electricity, heating and/or cooling, from a single fuel input, with an overall efficiency normally exceeding 70%

Based on the response & feedback received on the OTPs, now, Cogen India plans to organize need based  training programs in specific skill areas essential for sugar factory / cogen power plant operators & management / engineering staff.
  SIX days Training Program for Commissioned / Under implementation Cogen Power Plant
  FOUR Days Training Program for Sugar Production & Processing Division

Proceeding Document Available 
  March 2014